Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stills or Video - that is the question!

One unfortunate side effect of owning the T2i now is that I'm falling back in love with shooting stills. I haven't owned an SLR since the mid-90's, and that was a film camera. For the most part, all pix I've taken have been on little point-and-shoot cameras. I've been traveling the world on business the last 2 years, and carrying both a video camera AND a big SLR just wasn't happening.

As I begin to trick my T2i out for video production, I'm concerned about modifying it too much, so that I can't quickly pull it out of a rig, and just shoot some stills with it. Does anyone have experience with the Z-finder, and how the camera operates with the proximity sensor covered?

I'm also fighting the urge to shoot some stills at some events, when I should be focusing on moving pictures. Anyone else run into that "creative issue" when switching to a vDSLR? :-) It's not really a bad problem to have - one camera that's flexible to do both. You just have to have the discipline to stick with your medium, still or moving.

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  1. Same problem here - which to shoot? I've been shooting some stills at the end of a scene in video mode, but not a great solution. For the time being, I'm finding I'm more excited about shooting video with the T2i. Stills see, a bit, stagnant! :-)