Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Does the Rebel T2i shoot "Professional-Quality" video?

I see a lot of articles from the higher end of film and TV production like this one:

People like Alister are asking the right questions about the limits of hdslr shooting - there are limits, and just as a lot of Vimeo clips show off the strengths of the camera, you do need to be aware of the limitations.

Are these limits going to make me stop shooting with the camera? NO. Every camera has limitations - The HVX200 I used to shoot on is horrific in low light, and shoots in DVCPROHD, which is not true 1080p. (It's not even true 720p, but works best in that mode.) That didn't stop me from using it. It's the same with every HDV camcorder I've ever touched. It's a matter of finding the RIGHT TOOL for the RIGHT JOB at the RIGHT PRICE.

Don't factor out price when comparing. Trying to match the features of a Sony F35 on a sub-$1000 camera is insane. If you can afford the F35, and want to deal with the form factor, then do it.

Right now, my Rebel rig is in the sub-$2000 realm, and it's the best camera I've had in that price point. The cost and the capabilities will go up as I buy more glass for it, but the great part about that is the glass will come with me if a better camera comes out. I can use $2000 glass on my little $799 camera today, and as I'm making money, I have the option to upgrade.