Wednesday, March 3, 2010

feature-for-feature comparison of the T2i and 7D

This is the most comprehensive side-by-side review I've seen yet:

It reiterates that the majority of the feature set differences are all on the still side. So, unless you want the larger, more robust body, there's only a few small differences between the 7D and the T2i for video.

I think the weatherproofing could be an issue. It's been raining nonstop here in Northern California, and I've been thinking about the weatherproofing. However, the short film I'm scripting doesn't involve wet weather. Also, even the robustness of the 7D can't withstand the dusty hell that is Burning Man, where I'm likely to take the camera to. The dust out at BM just eats cameras, and all the pros I've talked to say that gear brought to the event almost has to be considered 'disposable' afterwards. Playa dust is so fine it gets EVERYWHERE. I'd rather pay the lower price for the T2i, and have the option of buying a new camera after the event. ;-)

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  1. I noticed the reviewer mentioned the 7D's wireless capabilities and said the T2i doesn't have any, but failed to mention the T2i's Eye-Fi Card support, which adds said ability.