Thursday, May 13, 2010

Camera RAW support for CS5 is here

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to moderate a chat session for one of Scott Kelby's Webinars. It was a great experience, but I missed the boat on one question. People were asking about RAW support for the Canon 550D/Rebel T2i. Since I've been using betas for a while now, I didn't realize that the shipping Camera RAW 6 didn't include this support.

Making things even more confusing was that there was already a Camera RAW update for CS4 a few weeks ago! CS5 uses a new rev of the Camera RAW engine, version 6, and the 5.7 update won't work with CS5. So, there was a period of a couple weeks where CS4 could support the camera and CS5 couldn't.

Thankfully, there's now a Camera RAW 6.1 update up on labs, and one of the things this addresses is support for the Rebel T2i. So, enjoy!


  1. i downloaded the 6.1 and installed it but my CS5 still won't open my raw files from my T2i! any suggestions greatly appreciate. Thanks for your blog :)

  2. same for me....