Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where I'm coming from....

I set up this site because it finally happened - there's a dSLR under $1000 that shoots full 1080p and supports the full range of EF lenses.

My background is mostly in web-based production work. I've shot mostly on cameras like the Panasonic HVX-200, Sony FX-1, and the like. Currently, I've been using a Canon HV30, and I've been looking (hoping and waiting) for a camera that could move me away from the HDV or DVCPROHD world, but not break the $1000 marker.

I'm very much aware of the limitations the H.264 format has. I know it's a compromise compared to, say, REDCode, or 4:4:4 uncompressed. However, economics being what they are, cameras with those types of output are WAY out of my price range. I'm looking for something that'll move me away from HDV. The low-light of the T2i BLOWS AWAY anything I've seen in the HDV space (or HVX-200, or Ex1, or, well, a LOT of fixed-lens cameras out there...)

The question I get a lot is, why compromise - just rent a RED? Unfortunately, that's not going to work for most of what I do. I shoot a loot of improv, unscripted, on-location stuff, often in natural lights, with only a reflector. Until a RED will fit in my carry-on bag, it ain't gonna happen.

The RED Scarlet is super-interesting to me. Even though we're talking $5k +, it's just the type of camera I'm looking for. I'll be watching their development closely. The Rebel is great for now, will let me build up a set of lenses, and, when the Scarlet FF35 is shipping, I can revisit RED.

I'm also closely looking at workflows with the clips from the Canon dSLRs, and I'm hoping to have some good news in the near future... Stay tuned...

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